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Small Business Special

Whether you’re a start-up, a one-owner enterprise or a small business, if you want to create a highly-engaging new website that you can manage easily without computer skills, let’s build it together!

As a business owner myself, with more than 15 years of experience creating and designing successful corporate websites, my freelance team of fabulous developers, marketers and copywriters will provide the ideas and concepts to make your web presence as individual and unique as you and your business are, A website that will have all the tools to grow as soon as your business pick up speed.

Our services are comprehensive: from developing your branding, registering your domain, setting up your account with a hosting company, creating your business email account, search engine optimization and making sure you take full advantage of social networks like twitter, facebook, pintatest, and blog features.

A complete, custom start-up package for a 4 page site with links to all social networks, 3 e-mail accounts is just $600 (third party WordPress theme and any additional features are extra)

Whether you need a simple solution or a more complex site, the first meeting is free, so let’s go to work!