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Our Services

Greentendency’s services are comprehensive—from concept, design and content to creating value-added marketing like web video.

Creating “user-friendly” site is something we take very seriously. We design websites the way that helps your visitors convert as fast as possible, with as few clicks as possible to get visitors where you want.

We all love simplicity. Simplicity and elegance not just feeds our aesthetic senses, but makes a lot of technological sense too.

Web Sites Design and Development
Web Pages Design Graphics Optimization Slide Shows
Landing Pages Design Newsletter Design Shopping Cart
E-mails Set Up Social Media Integration Web Sites Maintenance

Web Content

Creating relevant, compelling content is critical to every website. Gorgeous photos and terrific products and services aren’t enough without clear, well-written texts and easy-to-use features like shopping carts, that engages viewers and motivates them to action.

• Web Site Copywriting • Newsletters and Press Releases • Blogs

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is making sure that the site you have created has maximum visibility in a search engine’s un-paid (organic) search results. When people type in key words or ideas they are looking for in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. search, where will your site be seen? The earlier and more frequently your site pops up in search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

Graphic Design
Logos Stationery Flyers
Brochures Folders Banners
Trade Show Banners Ads (magazine, and other) Post Cards
Direct Mail Labels Packaging

Web Video

Video marketing is no longer an option. Showing a demonstration of how your product or service works; who uses it and why it’s great is a powerful magnet that draws every visitor to “see you in action!” Videos not only have the unique ability to visualize your message, but also add entertaining motion effects and sound; creating a much more powerful effect than relying solely on text and static images.

Commercials Infomercials Lectures
Legal Promotional videos Corporate training events
Recruiting video Realestate video tours Sporting Events
Memorial Videos Training Videos Interviews

Information Architecture/User Experience

“Don’t let them think” the name of a very popular book on usability. We design the sites the way that helps your visitors to complete theirs tasks as fast as possible with less clicks as possible. User Experience never should cause the frustration, it should be as intuitive as one would feel like he did it all his life. Great user experience gives your customer great feeling of satisfaction and bring him to your site over and over again.

• User Case Senarios • Site Maps • Wire Frames