Marblehead, Massachusetts, United States
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Greentendency is a team of hand-picked, like-minded, independent professionals, each of whom is a specialist in a different aspect of web development, design and marketing. The company was founded by Lucy Slavinsky, who serves as its managing director.
Ms. Slavinsky began her professional career when she was just 15 and has a Masters Degree in Theatre Arts. Using her design/production background, she immersed herself in technology, focusing on the human factor, and became one of the first Usability specialists to recognize the harmonic importance between design, ease of use and monetization (conversion).
She has worked as an user interface designer and web information architect for more than a decade, becoming one of the experts in the field. In addition to directing her professional team, Ms. Slavinsky is also president and CEO of her own successful online retail business.

“Lucy’s extraordinary patience and energy helped transform my website into something truly spectacular…..and showing me how to manage my site to keep it looking great was something I never expected. Best business investment I ever made!”